Back Aches

Painful conditions associated with faulty body mechanics are so common that most adults have some firsthand knowledge of these problems. Painful low backs have been the most frequent complaints, although cases of neck, shoulder, and arm pain have become increasingly prevalent.

Posture is usually defined as the relative arrangement of the parts of the body. Good posture is that state of muscular and skeletal balance which protects the structures of the body against injury or progressive deformity, irrespective of the attitude (erect, lying, squatting, or stooping) in which these structures are working or resting. 

Poor posture is a faulty relationship of the various parts of the body which produces increased strain on the supporting structures and in which there is less efficient balance of the body over its base of support.

We see poor posture generally caused these days fromn being in one position for too long! For examople we sit for hours at a time, we operate computers, control panels and even heavy equipment while "stuck" in a static position. Even if yuour ergonomics are good while completing these tasks you will lose postural integrity due to the load placed on the muscles holding you in position!

How do you stop this from happening?  move as much as you can, or at least don't be stationary for more than 20 minutes. If you already have pain and discomfort on regular basis, book in to see one of your Healthy Business specilaist who are well versed in stopping the postural pains.

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