4 habits you should form

It seems very simple to fall into bad habits. Each of us probably has a list that we’d love to reduce significantly, but notionally it seems easier to do nothing:

•    Smoking

•    Eating junk food

•    Sitting around all day

•    Watching TV instead of reading a book

There’s no shortage of bad (or even destructive) behaviors that we can follow. But, we know where those lead: weight problems, depression, anxiety, anger, and more.

But who wants that!? We want to lead fulfilling lives and feel happy. So, what’s the solution?

Instead of going head-on against bad habits and telling ourselves, “That’s it! I’ll stop <insert bad habit> tomorrow!”, we should aim to replace the bad habits in our lives with better ones. Here are 6 habits you should form.

1.Saying thank you

Saying thank you is one of the most fulfilling things we can do in our daily lives, yet it’s the most under-used term out there. It’s appropriate in a lot of situations in life and shows other people that you appreciate them and their actions. 

But we often avoid it because we are unsure, or feel embarrassed, or awkward, or whatever.

How do you normally react when someone gives you a genuine compliment? Probably like most people, dismissing it in one way or the other. Just say thank you.

Someone’s giving you constructive criticism? Say thank you and do better.

For example: “There’s a better way to do this. Let me show you.”

•    Instead of saying: “This is my way, could you let me do it?”
•    Say: “Really? Thanks for helping me.”

Someone’s given you unsolicited advice at the gym? Say thank you and move on.

For example: “You know, there’s a better exercise for your biceps..”

•    Instead of saying: “Mind your own business.”
•    Say: “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try it sometime.”


Regular physical activity is easily one of the best investments of your time. It improves your health, increases your mood and energy levels, helps you lose weight and maintain the results, strengthens and builds your muscles, and drastically reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart problems, and more.

As simple as 20-30 minutes of daily exercise can provide these benefits and many others. If you’re just starting out, exercise in the morning and see how it affects you for the entire day.

3.Eating Better

There’s an old saying, “You are what you eat.” and although it sounds cliché, it’s very much true. You see, in the world we live today, there is an overabundance of tasty, calorie-dense, and often unhealthy foods. They are usually cheaper, too.

But, improving your eating habits will drastically enhance your health and life in many ways. You’ll feel more energized, you’ll banish the dreaded afternoon fatigue, you’ll have clearer skin, better vision, a stronger immune system, and you’ll have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight.

Start small:

Craving something sweet before lunch or in the afternoon? Don’t go for a candy bar, eat an apple instead.

Always resorting to the near fast food joint for lunch? You don’t have to. Bulk prepare some healthy food in advance, put in Tupperware and you’ve got meals for the entire week.

Do treat yourself to some junk food here and there, but consciously try to replace it with whole, nutritious food over time.

4.Tracing your finances

I recently read somewhere that John D. Rockefeller, quite possibly the richest man in modern history, was known for tracing every single penny across his immense oil empire. Most people would think that a man of such wealth status wouldn’t even know his exact net worth. Wrong.

It’s because of his pedantic approach to finances, among other things, that has helped him amass the biggest fortune in history.

Whatever your current income is, make it a habit to track your spendings. You’ll become more aware and possibly discover places where you could cut costs.

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