Train your brain for good habits

We all live in the same world, share a lot of common problems, and experience similar situations. But we each see the world differently.

Think about it:

The way you perceive your surroundings and situation can be completely different from the person sitting right next to you. Why is that?

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all shaped our ‘unique’ views and beliefs about the world. What we tell ourselves each day, what we see, how we live, and what we experience are all factors that shape our perspective.

But an important question arises: Are you happy with your reality?

Your brain is a powerful tool and how you calibrate it can have a profound effect on the results you get in life.

Have you ever wondered what TRULY separates the successful from the less successful and from the ones who constantly fail? Sure, being born in the right family with a headstart on others helps. And sure, as syuperficial as it may be, having good looks and superior intelligence may help, too.

But, that can’t be it. You’ve seen all sorts of people reach success: people who were born into nothing, people without particular gifts or talents, and people who had it quite bad - having to fight for their lives each day.

The answer is perception.

The happy and successful people see the good in the bad, the opportunity in the misfortune, and the lesson in the failure. They’re not, in any way, superior. They see things differently.

And you can, too. 

It all starts with positive thinking

First, you need to recognize thoughts and beliefs you want to change. For example, if you feel as though ‘the world is out to get you,’ challenge that belief: 

Is this a fact? Do you have it that bad? Chances are if you step back and think clearly, you’ll realize that this is nothing more than a false belief that you’re holding on to.

Another example:

If you find yourself in a tough spot, instead of getting frustrated, try to see it as it is: a situation that, like any other, is going to pass and something better is going to come. Or, a situation that gives you the opportunity to learn something new.

If your car breaks down, try not to get frustrated. What’s the point? Instead, try to see some positive in the situation: you may get to walk more for a few days, you get to switch up the way you travel around, and you’ll find a new appreciation for your car, once you have it back.

Second, try meditation. 

I know, I know. You’re skeptical; I get it. But meditation works, and it has proven itself time and time again.

Recent research suggests that people who meditate regularly experience more positive emotions than those who do not. Even three months after the experiment, those who practiced meditation continued to display mindfulness, provide social support, had a purpose in life, and had fewer symptoms of illnesses. 

Third, take good care of yourself. 

Time and time again, regular exercise in combination with a healthier diet have proven themselves effective for improving our physical health, mental state, and energy levels.

And just as you take care of yourself with good diet and exercise, you also need to be picky about who you associate with. The saying ‘Happiness is contagious’ is true, but the saying ‘Misery loves company’ is true, as well.

Because of that, you should strive to socialize with positive and energetic people as much as you can.

If all you do is hang out with negative individuals who have the victim’s mentality, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually be one of them. When you’re feeling bad about something, the people around you should help you feel better and see things in perspective, not feed your negativity further.

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