Tips for Happiness

It’s always worth thinking about the basics of a healthy lifestyle. We don’t need to be perfect, but there's a few things that we know will help us move towards that healthy, happy situation. Dr Tim Sharp at the Happiness Institute in Sydney talks about CHOOSE- ing to be healthier and he states the following plans that are worth sharing.

They have chosen the word “choose” because each of its letters stands for a key happiness strategy.

C = Clarity (of goals, direction and life purpose)

Happy people set clear goals and determine clear & specific plans to ensure these goals become reality. So clarify your life plan now (because no one else will do it for you!).

H = Healthy Living (activity & exercise, diet & nutrition, and sleep)

Health forms a crucial part of the foundation to happiness. It’s hard to be happy if you’re literally sick & tired all the time. So do whatever you can to be healthy and you’ll also boost your chances of being happy.

O = Optimism (positive but realistic thinking)

There’s no doubt that happy people think about themselves, others and the world differently. Among other things, they search for more positives. The good news is that this is something you can learn to do so start practicing now.

O = Others (the key relationships in your life)

Research strongly indicates that happy people have both more and better quality relationships. So make sure you devote time to developing and fostering your key relationships.

S = Strengths (your core qualities and attributes)

Rather than spending all their time trying to “fix” their “weaknesses”, happy people spend more time identifying and utilising their strengths. Find out what you’re good at and do it as much as possible.

E = Enjoy the moment (live in, and appreciate the present)

The past is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, and today’s a gift – that’s why they call it “the present”. Live in the moment and enjoy life more.

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