Focus on Physical activity

Physical activity is a fundamental ingredient of good health at any time of life, let alone when we’re trying  to deal with uncertainty and change.


We’re not telling you anything new when we say the physical and mental health benefits are almost endless. From assisting with sleep, weight management, diabetes and heart disease prevention and management as well as helping us mange stress by burning up stress chemicals and releasing happy hormones there are so many reasons why we should be exercising regularly.



But even knowing this many of us still don’t move anywhere near as much as we should/could, and many that do may have recently had their normal routine completely turned upside down!  (The Gym is closed, bootcamp shutdown, yoga/dance studios no-go zones. (& dancing on your own doesn’t really appeal)


The good news is there are still a huge range of exercise options you can incorporate in your day that don’t even require you to leave the house. The only equipment you need is 1 body and 1 brain and your good to go! (if you’re missing either or both of these pieces of equipment please seek medical attention immediately….)

  1. Check if your gym / yoga class is offering online options (many businesses have quickly adapted to the current situation)
  2. YouTube has a huge range of free exercise sessions you can try (e.g. www.bodycoachtv.com (TAKE THIS OUT IF NOT APPROPRIATE OR YOU HAVE A PREFFERED LINK) but make sure you choose an option that suits your fitness level and start gently.
  3. 3Exercise with the kids – trampoline, play a favorite sport in the backyard, dance to your favorite tunes, Wii/PlayStation interactive exercise games, go for a 30min walk or bike ride (abiding by isolation / social distancing guidelines)
  4. Try a basic body weight circuit on the HealthCi app – insert link but remember:
  • a.    Keep all movements within a pain free range
  • b.    Start well within your capability and gradually increase by 1-2 reps / mins each session
  • c.    Stop if you have joint or specific pain during or after the session (general muscle soreness is fine but should reduce within 2 -3 days)


Try the below home program to get you started. Start with 1 set of each exercises (for 30secs or 10 repetitions) and gradually increase as able. As you fitness improves increase it to 2-3 times repeating the exercises (this could also be one that Lynchy takes us through on one of his weekly updates  – with an EP also giving tips etc.?)




It doesn’t really matter what you do – as long as you’re heart rate is moderately elevated for at least a few minutes you will  be doing yourself some good. And remember no matter how slow you are going or how little you do, you are still well ahead of the person you were when you were sitting on the couch! 

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