Weight Loss Day 7

Day 7.


How are you finding your Journey so far?

Today I’m not going to give you any more small focus areas; I just want you to focus on some of those smaller areas that we spoke about in days 1 to 6. Do some catch up if you need to!

In case your memory is as bad as mine, I wrote them down for you!

Setting youself a goal

  • Identifying an objective and subjective goal for your weight loss.
  • If you are struggling with this – We are working on it tomorrow!


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

  • 24-33ml of water per kg/body weight


Identifying negative eating patterns

  • Identifying personal triggers for negative eating patterns. Ie boredom, stress


The Energy Equation

  • Tracking Calories in v Calories out.


Portion sizing

  • Trying smaller plates/bowls. Reducing portion to 2/3rds of current intake


Night time munchies!

  • Water consumption, keeping yourself occupied!

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