Weight Lost Day 10

Day 10


Ever stopped to really think why you want to eat sometimes, it’s often got very little to do with hunger.

Why are you eating that?

Maybe you’re pounding through the work at the office and just need a break, maybe your tired because you haven’t been sleeping well and need some energy, maybe you’re just bored and it’s something to do. A great way to track your hunger motivations is to a Food Diary.

Have you tried a Food diary?

One of the reasons the Food diary can be such a useful tool is that it can help you keep track not just of what you’re eating, but why you wanted to eat in the first place. We’re all a bit crazy and complex in our own ways, so see what’s making you get the nibbles each time.

Finding the right balance of what’s in your food is a critical component to reducing cravings due to increased hunger, or tiredness and lack of energy.

Stick at the food diary for a couple of weeks. Take a quick photo of everything you put in your mouth. Then I want you to answer the following questions before you eat the following meal https://www.dropbox.com/search/work?path=%2F&preview=id%3AoTrCHm_3DL0AAAAAAAArEA&query=food+diary&search_session_id=67335036074874222903197212150377&search_token=qJd18pu0DENi%2FTAz%2FlisIsaFSoXcdAuxMzHSJh2x%2FbY%3D

Then 90 minutes later I want you to record how hungry you are, and how you’re feeling.

You can then look back at your previous days/weeks inputs, click on the graphs to see what it was you ate that gave you a high or low reading, and monitor your overall sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Identifying what works for you, or what harms your efforts is such a valuable insight to have, and will allow you to confidently enjoy your meal knowing it’s not going to come back and bite you later.

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