Weight Loss Day 61

Day 61


The 10-week challenge is the culmination of much research and experience. Finding the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fibre according to each person’s needs and desired waist and weight outcomes is essential. If you can’t enjoy the program as part of your everyday routine, you will be unlikely to implement the key components in your ongoing lifestyle maintenance.


Finding foods that you can really look forward to and enjoy, as well as activity that you look forward to and enjoy, are critical components of your success. It helps shape the positive connectedness of your mindset.


So what do you enjoy @user_first_name@?

Are you still able to enjoy those things as part of your 10-week challenge? Are there things that you enjoy that you could do more of, things you would be best to substitute for other enjoyable options, are you finding there are things that you enjoy that don’t seem to fit within the model of what we're trying to achieve?


Making sure that you are actively participating in activities that you enjoy, still engaging socially, enjoying your food and even occasional drop of alcohol, all of these things that you enjoy are crucial to you getting the most out of your efforts. Your whole psyche shifts when you feel you are constantly dealing with the things you can’t do, or that are bad for you, rather than actively pursuing and enjoying things that are helpful to your goals and ambitions.


Maybe it’s a game of tennis or a swim at the beach. It might be packing a chicken salad and bottle of sparkling water and walking to the top of that mountain, or down by the lake. Maybe it’s just some quality time with your dog at the park or the beach. A morning walk to get a coffee, or an evening stroll after dinner, dusting the cobwebs off the bike, rolling the arm over in the nets, kicking the footy around at lunch, playing tag with your kids.


Find what you enjoy, who you enjoy it with, why you enjoy it, and make sure you include as much of it into your weekly routine as you can. Your overall positivity to the efforts you are making will make an enormous difference in the longevity and success of achieving your goals.

What did you used to love doing that you haven’t done for ages? Why not get back into it or give something new a try

  • Bushwalking
  • Dancing
  • Sports
  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Canoe or Kayaking
  • Brisk walking or running
  • Playing outside with the kids
  • Join a fitness, yoga, karate class
  • Get a dog
  • Play sport with your kids
  • Throw a Frisbee
  • Fly a kite

Think of at least one healthy activity that you really enjoy that you haven’t done in the last 4 weeks and make a plan to do it in the coming week. Enjoy the journey.

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