Cure for Everything

Eating healthy certainly DOES NOT cure disease and make you the healthiest person in the world, but eating poorly WILL make your health worse.

One of the most helpful things you can do for your body is to eat healthy. Several of the reasons this is true are;

  1. Many people with chronic disease and illness are sensitive to chemicals and additives that are found in processed food
  2. Refined sugars such as fructose and sucrose are not good for anyone 
  3. Good nutrition is found to benefit everyone, sick or not, it’s just better for you

With that said why aren’t we all eating healthy? Well, that is simple to answer. It’s harder, it’s more work, it’s more expensive and most of us are addicted to sugar. What should we do then? Well, we try our best to start eating healthy, one day at a time, one healthy food at a time.

Here are a few places you can start:
1. Eliminate or limit your intake of refined sugars, (i.e.: cookies, cakes, lollies, soda, etc.)
2. If you don’t eat vegetables, start eating one serving a day, if you already eat one serving a day, try to start eating two
3. Increase your lean unprocessed protein intake, (i.e.: chicken, fish, pork, and lean beef, tofu, legumes)
4. Replace all (or most) soda intake with water
5. Eliminate or cut back your use of processed foods (i.e. take away, fast food, frozen dinners, anything in a packet, anything with “sulphite”, etc.)
6. Increase your intake of fibre

These are just a few ideas. Obviously, there is much more to good nutrition, but we need to start somewhere, taking small steps is better than not taking any steps. Don’t do it all at once, make small changes, and gradually work your way into eating healthier. You will begin to see that you feel better when you eat healthier than you do when you are eating junk, this will then become your motivation to keep it up.

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