Weight Loss Day 62

Day 62


Have you worked out whether you’re geared to a higher percentage of protein yet @user_first_name@? and that is where you will find the best results, not only for weight management, but for the overall sense of satisfaction, energy, and emotional response the food gives you. People in this category might find up to half of their daily intake is best served in the form of some kind of protein. Things like eggs, lean meats, fish, mushrooms, beans etc.


How do you know which food types are going to work best for you?


Maybe in fact you’re more of a carbohydrate machine, fuelled slightly differently than the protein power. You might even find 75% of your foods might be primarily carbohydrates, which makes eating the right carbs so important. Fresh fruit and vegetables should always top your list of good carbs, followed by healthy seeds, nuts, oats and grains.


How is your engine running?

Each cell in your body is like a little engine. If your cells run too fast, they become exhausted and if they continue to operate that way, they will burn out. If you run your car's engine too slowly and shift gears too soon, the engine becomes sluggish and clogged up.

The cells of your body behave similarly, if your fat and protein intake is too great for your metabolic pathways, you will feel clogged up and sluggish. The majority of us are likely to fall into the mixed type category, even if slightly leaning towards one side. The important thing is to always look for quality in the choices we make. For example, a skin free chicken breast, even from a fast food outlet, is going to be almost half the calorie intake of one potentially containing so called secret herbs and spices.

Protein and carbohydrates come in many forms, but finding it in real food should always be your first and primary aim. Fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates
packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre and low in calories. Animal meats, especially the lean varieties from poultry and fish will always be your best source of quality protein.

It’s simple, eat real food - lose weight.

Good carbs, bad carbs, no carbs, low carbs, it’s all a pretty common part of our vernacular these days. The reality is that carbs are not the problem; it’s the type of carbs, and the balance of those carbs that is the key.

We have a simple philosophy that if a food grew up from the ground or in the ground – then it’s likely good to eat

If a food ran across the ground or swam in the ocean – it’s probably good to eat.

If you can’t pronounce or let alone spell half of the ingredients in something that you’re about to eat, then it’s probably a sometimes food at best.

If a food has been pulverised and the goodness stripped from it – like fruit juices, white breads etc.. then it’s also got little value to you.

And of course, sugar content is one of your biggest enemies to weight loss. Keeping any additional sugars in foods and drinks out of your diet will go a long way to helping you keep the weight and the cravings down.

There are also good fats and bad fats, which we will talk more about another time. Bottom line is that not all fat is evil, but much of it is not necessary and best to keep at a minimum without going crazy about it.

Use the food diary with a specific focus on the protein, fat, and carbohydrate balance in your foods to try and work out how your engine runs best.


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