Weight Loss Day 65

Day 65


Unless you’re riding in the Tour de France or swimming for 8 hours a day at an Olympic level, there is likely no amount of exercise that can cancel out a diet full of processed foods, junk food, and liquid calories. Hopefully that’s not an issue for you at day 65 on your 10 Week challenge, but it’s something to keep in mind moving forward.

We are experts at finding a way to not only justify poor choices, but we often then compound them by throwing in the towel with a “I’ll start on Monday” mind set.

So as we go beyond this week, even though you may need be exercising a lot more, and generally choosing better lifestyle habits, we still need to make sure your head is straight and you understand a few key facts:

Exercising for an hour, burning 300-400 calories, and then saying “I earned this” to justify stuffing 1000 calories worth of junk food down your throat is a losing battle.  So let’s not do this.

Exercise does not mean “run on a treadmill for four hours and be miserable.” Exercise is anything that elevates your heart rate and takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone. So make it fun, make it part of your everyday life, and just make it consistent. Not necessarily what you do, just that you do it.


Your diet is responsible for 80-90% of your success or failure when it comes to losing and keeping the weight off and maintaining health.  If you could only fix one thing, your diet or exercising, it would be your diet. Every time.


Every decision counts and every choice adds up.  One bad decision does not ruin a day.  One day off doesn’t ruin a week.  One week off doesn’t ruin a month. EVERY SINGLE DECISION you make can take you closer or further away from your ultimate goal. Stop worrying about the decision you made 10 minutes ago or yesterday and focus on the next one.


Combine these four facts, and we’re left with this:

Exercise is a bonus.  Exercise helps your heart get stronger, can help build muscle, usually gets you outside the house and absorbing vitamin D, and brings you an enormous amount of other health benefits.


Exercise is not an excuse to eat like crap. Instead, you need to reframe your mindset.  Instead of “I earned this” start telling yourself: “If I’m going to exercise, I might as well make it worth it by eating right too.”


Daily exercise is a constant reminder that you are leveling up your life – that you must continue to make other good choices or you’re practically wasting your time.


Some tips moving forward:

Say yes before you can say no. Stop saying “I don’t have time” and realize you do.  Stop saying “I can’t afford it” and find a way to make it a priority.  Do all of this before you can talk yourself out of it.  The best way to do that?


Commit in advance. I pre-paid my four weeks of swing lessons.   Having already paid for it, I knew I’d be just throwing my money away if I didn’t attend.  Put down a deposit and make an investment in yourself.


Remember to plan for special events or social occasions. You can still enjoy them, just remember everything counts, and find a healthy balance. Don’t throw it away the next day because you had one bad day.


Expect to suck.  If you are learning a new skill, expect to suck at it. Whether that’s cooking, doing Yoga, or riding a bike. You’ll get better.  As long as you remember to…


We want to see your Gutless Club efforts really help shape the rest of your life. Have fun.  Every day is a blessing, so enjoy it!


Find your rhythm

Listening to music whilst you’re exercising has proven to have a great range of benefits. If you haven’t found your groove yet, why not try a new playlist and see how you feel. We’ve included a few we like in the podcast section, but these days the world is at your fingertips. 

Music can :

  1. Distract you from the fact that you’re pushing yourself pretty hard.
  2. Make exercise enjoyable. The music can help improve your mood, which helps your exercise mindset.
  3. Put you in the zone – that place where you find an extra lift and can push through your fatigue and pain barriers.
  4. Help you keep a pace or rhythm to your stride or exercise routine'
  5. Simply just make you want to move. Get your feet tapping and enjoy the beat.


Anything that helps you keep at it moving forward is worth considering. So if you need a refresh on your exercise, finding the right mix of music might just be the thing. 

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